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This is one of my favourite watercolours from the estuary series and its simplicity comes across well in this small print. We have a limited selection of these smaller prints available framed at a competitive price aware that some of you are looking for something that is a finished framed piece that can be safely posted and is not the size of our larger prints. 


I make the original watercolours on a japanese paper with the idea of conveying what could be called 'direct experience', where I try to show the first building blocks of what it might be like to see a landscape for the first time. I use the simplest brush gesture to describe basic motifs of landscape; land, sky, water, tree and horizon with all the tones, compositions and relationships within. I think of these sometimes as 'bold glimpses'. There are more details about the watercolours on the main site. 


  • I make these small prints in the studio on the finest 310 gsm matt photographic paper. They are framed in a 12mm black stain wooden frame and arrive boxed, stamped and numbered and with a signed certificate of authenticity. Frame size 180 x 230 mm Edition of 20.

    • Frame size 180 x 230 mm
    • Edition of 20