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You will find the original work along with catalogues on my main site here

The shop was created to sell a collection of prints of my original work. 

I print them all by hand in the studio and I use the very best possible archival materials. I choose each paper and process depending on the image itself. As a result each picture is priced individually depending on its size, the paper used and numbers in the edition.


Some of the pictures are printed on a beautiful hand made Japanese paper. This wonderful sheet has a soft slightly textured surface which works well with some particular images. There is also a matte machine made Japanese paper that has a more consistent surface and I use this for photographs and prints of applied work that have a more uniform surface, like a pale sky for example. Sometimes I use a bright white paper and other times I use one that is just very slightly off white which can often convey the colours more organically. Beside each picture here it will say beside it the materials I have used.

IMG_5282 2.JPG

Most of the prints are editions. The prints we have chosen are reflective of the multiple practices I use to explore and identify the visual elements of the landscape around me here on the North Norfolk Coast and the sensations that they provoke in us; the meditative experience as it were of being in the landscape and how we hold ourselves within it.  Recently we introduced small, framed prints These are the smallest prints we do and come numbered, stamped, window mounted and framed. The heavyweight paper is an archival 310gsm rag matt sheet.  Occasionally I decide to sell a print from the archives here in the studio and so there is always something new popping up on here. If you subscribe to the site you will hear from us with news.

These prints are for anyone who loves landscape and who is stirred by the sea and skies of the UK, in particular of the often wild and indefinable North Norfolk coast.We look at landscape for its capacity to reassure. Living in a predominantly estuarine landscape where tide floods every twelve hours, I am intrigued by the reassurance of the inevitability of that change. This is what I mean by having a ‘keen eye on landscape and how we hold ourselves within in’ 

You can find my current catalogues of original work on the main site here. Please contact Charlie Phillips at Eleven Fine Art London for more details.​We edit carefully to echo the story told in the original work. It is pretty much the story of a journey from the springs upstream, into the woods, through the meadows, out into the creeks, across the marshes and out to the sea and skies beyond. ​You can follow me on Instagram @harrycorywright and the shop on @the_hcw_shop

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