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These lines are all about Scolt, an island here where I live in Norfolk in England. It's only really an island at high tide when the creeks are full. It's also made of just sand, mud and water and I always think of it as a place that barely exists. The lines are made mostly with various nibs rather than brushes. In this case it's a wide diamond shaped nib that gives a different thicknes of line as you twist it as you draw. I have used it for about 5 years now. It is similar to Island Line 1007 which is also available as a print in the same  size. 


  • This print comes framed in the simplest black flat moulding we can find. It is taped at the back with a simple string hanging system. The print is numbered and stamped with a signed certificate of authenticity in an edition of 20.

    • Paper size 10 x 12 inches 
    • Image size Approximately 8 x 10 inches