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I have added to the shop this and one other watercolour print in this smallest size of 5 x7 inches, framed. I am aware that sometimes the price of the original work and some of the high end prints is not always want to pay and these 2 prints, along with a few drawings and photographs that are this same size are a way of getting hold of something that is more affordable. We sometimes sell these as sets where they are hung together in pairs or groups of 4.


The watercolours are perhaps the opposite of the photographs which are full of detail and information. Here I try to evoke a sense place through the just a few gestures of tone, colour and shape. The basic elements of seeing landscape. Increasingly I am putting the watercolours beside the photographs as in the series 'Vision of an Estuary'


  • These pigment prints are made in Harry's studio on the finest 310 gsm matt photographic paper. They are framed in a 12mm black stain wooden frame and arrive boxed, stamped and numbered and with a signed certificate of authenticity.

    • Frame size 180 x 230 mm
    • Edition of 20